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Working long hours at a desk

can be hard on the body and mind...

Looking for a

FUN, Stress-relieving &

Team-building experience

for all members in the office?

We would like to extend a


for you and your staff to try our exciting



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     As martial artists, we understand the importance of physical activity in a child’s life. In a short period of time, your students will have the opportunity to work side-by-side with our experienced instructors. We focus on helping to bring out the best in every student!


     We know that long hours at a desk can be hard on the body and mind. Our martial arts classes are a fun, stress-reliving, and team-building experience for all members in the office! No matter your ability, age, or experience, our program will be individually tailored for your team.

     We have over 20 years of experience with the following clients:


     ★ Many elementary and high schools across the Lower Mainland

     ★ Law enforcement (ex. RCMP)

     ★ EA Sports

     ★ COSTCO

     ★ BC Children’s Hospital

     Our staff has the ability to provide the equipment and classes at your company's facility during lunch time or after work hours. We also have a 2000 sqft. location at 2920 St. Johns Street available for training.

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Real Life Self-Defense

Healthier Employees

More Energy

Increased Productivity

More Confidence

Lower Stress Levels

Instruction in the Art of

Muay Thai Kickboxing

And most of all...


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